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 In a largely patriarchal world, it takes a sturdy iron-will and oodles of dedication to make your mark as a woman entrepreneur. Mrs Supreety Mishra’s family is justifiably proud of her business acumen and achievements; but what’s most noteworthy is her instrumental role in the empowerment of marginalized sections of society through entrepreneurship. Now that will go down in history as unparalleled!

Ms. Supreety Mishra

Initial Journey.....
Born in 1987, Supreety was deeply inspired by her parents who are eminent industrialist. Armed with a Bachelors Degree in Finance as well as a Diploma in Corporate Law, Supreety went on to successfully complete her MBA from Cardiff University (UK) and bagged a cushy UKgovernment job. A few years ahead, her inner zeal to contribute towards the development of Odisha, coupled with constant encouragement from her family, made her return home. Joining ECP Industries as a Director was the next obvious step. ECP Industries is the principal manufacturer of LPG cylinders, regulators and allied engineering goods in the state.
“Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.”
In stark contrast to a vast majority of ruthless, calculative business-owners, Supreety’s ideals focussed on women’s empowerment and sustainable development of local communities. Her brainchild, the NOFMCL (short for North Odisha Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Limited) which is now changed to a trust named as ECP Abhidya Trust was her first step towards development of rural Balasore. Since then, the Trust under the able leadership of Mrs Mishra, has done significant work in uplifting the socio-economic status of farmers in northern Odisha. The crux of this venture has been to mobilize resources towards alternative sources of income for farmers, which include Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Floriculture, Biogas Plants, Solar Power Solutions, Organic Farming and so on. While the Trust has heralded several projects to improve the overall living standards of farmers and their families, the most significant one was ‘Go Vikash’, a Dairy Farming Program where downtrodden women were empowered with a fresh lease of life via livelihood opportunities. Yet another project ‘Pure Seeds’ has involved the set-up of a Seed-Processing Unit for Farmers. Furthermore, Supreety has also ventured into Hospitality by flagging off the ‘Glaze Hotel and Resorts’ in the Nabarangpur District of Odisha, thereby boosting tourism and generating employment in the largely-backward, tribal belt.
Leaving an Indelible Mark..
For an entrepreneur barely in her late twenties, Mrs Mishra’s contributions, accolades and laurels are beyond impressive! The ‘Go-Vikash’ Project spearheaded by her was vastly successful, and she admits to have derived the principle idea of Scientific Cattle Farming from Dairy Cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, the Department of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Government of Odisha) has facilitated Mrs Supreety Mishra with the ‘Best Innovator’ Award for pioneering the social activities. She is also the proud recipient of the Odisha Inc Award for her social-entrepreneurship drive.
Juggling Multiple Roles....
Apart from managing the affairs of ECP Industries, EAT and the Glaze Group, Mrs Mishra has also forayed into the Automobiles Sector under the banner of ‘EMPRP Auto’. One cannot help but wonder how she manages the time and energy to juggle so many roles; especially when we haven’t mentioned the most endearing role yet- a doting mother to her precious daughter Aashlesha, the biggest blessing and smile in her life! Supreety admits that it is her family’s unbridled support, that’s enabled her to come this far.
Message for Budding Entrepreneurs...
On being asked about the necessary traits for being a successful entrepreneur, Supreety believes that unflinching focus, personal determination and a positive attitude are the most important. She also outlines the undisputable marks of a leader, which includes effective Team Work, Time Management and Manpower Management. For aspiring entrepreneurs, her most evocative message is that one needs to weight the consequences of every decision on longterm basis, rather than for short-term gains. And of course, according due importance to Social
Responsibility is a non-negotiable!
It’s remarkable to note that Mrs Supreety Mishra is the Director of ECP Industries, which happens to be the only manufacturer of LPG Cylinders in Eastern India, and the only company where out of the 500+ employees, more than 40% are destitute women. Under her dynamic purview, the EAT is reinvigorating the lives of farmers (and rural women in particular) with bank linkages, market support and scientific training ,Director of Emrp Automobile a multi-branded car workshop, Director of Hotel as Glaze hotel and Resort Pvt Limited, if you’ve thought of ‘Wonder-Woman’ as a fictional character all along, it’s time to shed that notion and gape at her amazing success story, which is every bit real!
  • Completed internship at Antique Group- Stock Broking Agency in Mumbai, India
  • Worked in Communication Services Catford, London, United Kingdom
  • Working as Managing Director of EMRP Pvt Limited (Automobile Division)
  • Working as Director of Ecp Industries Limited, Balasore
  • Working as Director of Glaze Group
Recognition and Awards
  • Awarded by as “Infocom Excellence Award” by Telegraph
  • Felecitated as “Best Leader” from ASBM
  • Awarded as “Innovative Idea” by MSME, Government Of India.
  • Awarded as “Corporate Captain” by Corporate Odisha.
  • Awarded as “Excellence in Women Entrepreneur of 2013” by Odisha INC
  • Awarded as “Excellence in Leadership” by Swami Vivekanand Trust
  • Recognized in odiya daily newspaper “Samaj”
  • Recognized in a monthly newspaper “ Bhina Samparka”
  • Recognized in a daily newspaper “Pragyan Bharati”
  • Recognised in odiya daily neswapaper “Sambad” on women’s day
  • Was recognised in English Daily newspaper “Telegraph”
  • Was recongnised in English Daily newspaper “Orissa Post”
  • Was recognised in a English Daily newspaper “New Idain Express”
  • Was awarded as “Yougest upcoming Entrepreneur” by Odiya Mumbai Society ,Mumbai.
  • Recognized by “Help age India”
She is also holding the Director position of the following companies
Sl. No. Name of the Company Date of Appointment Designation
1 ECP INDUSTRIES LIMITED 15/01/2010 Director
5 EASTERN METAL & RUBBER PVT. LTD 17/7/1990 Director
6 GLAZE RETAIL PVT. LTD. 17/10/2016 Director